Many marketers advise their clients to blog frequently. Following this logic, the more content you create, the more visitors come to your site, the more potential clients you convert. This flies in the face of the old adage: ‘quality is better than quantity.’

So how should you schedule content? My advice is that you should create content as often as possible without sacrificing quality. For some, this might be every few days. For others, this might be once a month. The frequency of your posts should be matched with the resources that your business can devote to quality blogging. Maybe a small start-up won’t have the time to write frequently, or the money to outsource. That’s ok. Likewise, some large businesses have the resources to post quality content daily. You want your brand to be remembered for useful, well written posts – not poorly written puff pieces. People see through blogs that lack substance and are pumped with SEO keywords.

Content that converts is memorable, useful and leaves readers wanting more. For an example of quality (but sometimes infrequent) blogging, check out this blog from Rapsey Griffiths Insolvency & Advisory. The posts are focused on the expertise of the business, are well written, and provide helpful advice. Complex insolvency law and accounting concepts are explained in a straightforward, accessible manner. It’s a complicated service to explain, but they do it well. Generally, there are two blog posts per month. But some months, there are no blog posts at all! Clearly, this business wishes to portray that they are about quality rather than taking shortcuts. If people can see you taking shortcuts in your blog posts, they will wonder what other shortcuts you take when you sell them goods or services.

Take home message: Post quality blogs as frequently as possible. Take stock of what resources you have, and what time or money you can devote to blogging. Constantly be on the lookout for interesting article ideas that would be useful to your readers and potential clients. You don’t have to get through every idea on the list, but do write posts that you can pull off well. Well written and useful content will gain readers and conversions. It might take more time to see results from less frequent posting, but a constant stream of below-par blogs will do your business a disservice.


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