Hi, I’m Brooke Murphy. I am a lawyer, Ph. D. candidate, writer, marketer, and public speaker and small business coach. On the surface, these occupational identities seem to be very different. One minute I’m speaking in a court room, and the next I’m writing blogs and searching academic journal articles. So what is the common thread in these roles? Each requires excellent research, precise communication, and constant improvement.

My passion for learning new things and the written and oral word doesn’t stop when my work hours end. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading books, watching Netflix documentaries, and picking Twitter fights with News Corp columnists.

Contact me if you are looking for someone to write for you, coach you in small business marketing, speak at event, or conduct research. I am currently employed as a solicitor at Fourtree Lawyers (criminal law) and Butler’s Business & Law (civil law). Head to their websites if you are looking for someone to represent you in a legal action or transaction.

Brooke xx

Twitter: @brooke___murphy

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/brooke-murphy-1a3533135